Hastings Law Journal, Issue 62.6 (July, 2011)


Hastings Law Journal, Issue 62.6 (July, 2011)

Network Accountability for the Domestic Intelligence Apparatus
Danielle Keats Citron and Frank Pasquale

Severability of Statutes
Tom Campbell

Race Audits
R.A. Lenhardt

Jury 2.0
Caren Myers Morrison

The New Common Law: Courts, Culture, and the Localization of the Model Penal Code
Anders Walker

Forced Federalism: States as Laboratories of Immigration Reform
Keith Cunningham-Parmeter

Apportioning Liability Behind a Veil of Uncertainty
J. Shahar Dillbary


Someone is Watching: The Need for Enhanced Data Protection
Nic Roethlisberger

Bridging the Gap: An Application of Social Frameworks  Evidence to Shaken Baby Syndrome
Lauren Quint

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