Summertime in the South

So one of the things we all love about being a law professor is the flexibility to do what we do in lots of different places.  Each summer, for the last three years, I have split my time between Columbia Missouri and California teaching payment systems for Missou — a nice way to subsidize our family’s vacations back to the Midwest and the South.

This summer in Columbia was the summer of the seven year cicada cycle.  Cicadas are small locust like bugs that every seven years emerge from the earth and mate and then die.  The sing a delightful sound, that frankly can be deafening when they all decide to sing together (which is about two to three weeks per cycle). You may have heard that one Columbia Missouri vendor Sparky’s Ice Cream made a concoction of cicada ice cream before being advised by the Missouri Health Department to cease.  (I went to Sparky’s several weeks ago to try some Cicada ice cream, but they already were told to stop serving the concoction.  Thus, I had boring coffee ice cream instead).

So despite the fact that I did not get to enjoy ice cream with bug parts mixed in, I am happy to say that my summer in the south has been enjoyable. And there is still a month to go. This weekend we are sailing homemade cardboard box boats in a race on July Fourth — my father-in-law constructed two twelve foot cardboard canoes, insulated by gallons of paint.  We are planning a trip to Santa Fe in mid-July, and then back to California.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. I am going to blog later about how law students renewed my faith in baseball — reminding me once again of why summer is magical.   For now, I’ll just say, thank you for having me at Concurring Opinions.   I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on various things, perhaps post some pictures of our travels (including the cardboard boats), and talk about what I am writing and working on.


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4 Responses

  1. Ken Arromdee says:

    It’s 13 years, not 7 years, for these. Some other ones are 17 years.

  2. JRB says:

    The best part of this post is that you think Columbia, Missouri is in the South.

  3. Marc Roark says:

    Southern as in culturally — there is quite a bit of southern culture in Columbia. Though I agree that geographically, its not nearly as southern as Alabama.

    Thanks Ken. I had heard seven from people telling me about the Cicadas when I arrived this summer, but was mistaken.

  4. JRB says:

    To be sure, I meant culturally as well. That’s alright. It’s an age old debate, and I have known plenty of folks in Missouri who wished they were Southern and went to great length to try to justify it. It’s completely understandable.