On the Road — Kansas City to Dodge City

My family and I are on the road back from our sojourn in Missouri to California — twenty-four hours with a six year old and three year old to be clear.  (For those that want to honor me as a saint, I drove with the kids by myself to Missouri — in three days).  To be fair, the previous two years, my wife had the kids with her).

This time, we are taking it slow — driving back in a week to see the site close to the Santa Fe Trail and Route 66.   Today, we drove a portion of the Santa Fe Trail from Kansas City to Dodge City.  Along the way we passed a memorial to Knute Rockne off the Kansas Turnpike, drove through the Kansas Flint Hills, saw the largest hand-dug well in Greensburg, Kansas (interesting town making a revival after a tornado destroyed ninety percent of the town in 2007 — the town has adopted the “Green” in its name rebuilding with substantial investment in alternative energy sources); stopped at midway USA in Kinsley Kansas (the exact middle distance between San Francisco and New York); drove around Fort Dodge and found the Custer house (although I am not sure why it was named for him since he never lived there); and finally arrived in Dodge City, where we saw a gun fight and variety show on Front Street.

Tomorrow — its Dodge City to Santa Fe — looking for Wagon Ruts.  Till then, win one for George Gipp….

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