Introducing Marc Roark

I’m a beat late on this introduction, since Professor Marc Roark has been visiting with us since July 1.  We are very happy to have him aboard!  

Marc has been a professor at University of La Verne since July 2009. A graduate of Loyola University New Orleans (JD 2002) and Duke University (LLM 2006),  Marc teaches Property, Secured Transactions, Payment Systems, Law and Literature, and Law and Religion.  Marc has published articles in the Cincinnati Law Review, Duke Law and Tech Review, Louisiana Law Review,and Loyola Law Review, amongst others.  Marc previously taught at the University of Tulsa College of Law and the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Law.

Marc is currently working on projects involving mobile money transactions under U.S. Payments Systems policy, entitlement shifting in the UCC,  and a qualitative analysis of space allocation in legal and nonlegal settings.  He is interested in the expanding universe of technology and commerce, especially uses for his new iPad. 

Marc’s recent publications include: 

Limited Sales Warranties as an Alternative to Intellectual Property: An Empirical Analysis of the Deterrent impact on consumers of the I-Phone Warranties, Duke L & Tech. Rev. (Fall 2010). 

Groping Along Between Things Real and Things Personal: Defining Fixtures in law and Policy in the UCC, 78 U. Cincinnati L. Rev. 1437 (2010)

 The Real Property Interest in the UCC: Fixtures and Encumbrances, 42 UCC L. J. 197 (2010).   

Loneliness and the Law: Solitude Action and Power in Law and Literature, 55 Loy. L. Rev 45 (2009).

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