Transactional Lawyering at the Movies

I’m looking for some good examples of movie clips from recent films in which the presence (or absence) of transactional lawyering is key to the action.  The best example I’ve got so far is from the Social Network.  Recognizing that showing clips of business lawyering isn’t for everyone, I’d still appreciate your tips.  Negotiation scenes, drafting discussions, closings — anything that would motivate student excitement about transactional practice.

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5 Responses

  1. Ari Waldman says:

    does it have to be a movie? theres this relatively new tv show on usa called “fairly legal.” its usually an unrealistic portrayal of mediation, but you may find some hidden gems.

  2. Colin Miller says:

    How recent? “Intolerable Cruelty” has a pretty great negotiation scene of the screwball variety:

  3. Spencer Waller says:

    What about William Hurt’s botched estate planning in Body Heat?

  4. Matt Bodie says:

    “” may not qualify, as it’s a little dated and a documentary. But it has a priceless scene where the two young entrepreneurs can’t get “Isaiah”, their counsel, on the phone when they’re negotiating with a VC. Isaiah checks in later, sounding a bit harried — he says he’d been at the printers all day. They start reviewing the terms with the VC, who steps in to say, “Hey, do you all need a moment?” when it’s clear Isaiah is looking at the documents for the first time. The two startup guys are clearly upset with him, and they complain to each other bitterly about it after the meeting. I just love this dynamic, because it’s two guys who just started their first business ever, and they are SO hacked off at Isaiah, who turns out to be a partner at Wilson Sonsini. I wonder how many young twenty-somethings Isaiah had to shepherd through this process — they don’t teach that in law school.

  5. J says:

    Other People’s Money, starring Danny DeVito and Penelope Ann Miller.