Sidebar Publishes Response to “Regulating Polygamy: Intimacy, Default Rules, and Bargaining for Equality”

Columbia Law Review’s Sidebar is pleased to announce the publication of a response to Professor Adrienne Davis’s article Regulating Polygamy: Intimacy, Default Rules, and Bargaining for Equality, by Professor Elizabeth M. Glazer of the Hoftra University School of Law.

In “Regulating Polygamy:  Intimacy, Default Rules and Bargaining for Equality” Professor Davis rejects the analogy between gay marriage and polygamy and instead “turns to commercial partnership law to propose some tentative default rules that might accommodate marital multiplicity, while addressing some of the costs and power disparities that polygamy has engendered.”  In her response, Professor Glazer “uses Davis’s examination of the same-sex marriage analogy to polygamy in order to examine why a better analogy—namely, that between sodomy and polygamy—has not been quite as frequently invoked.”  Professor Glazer argues that those favoring legalization of polygamous marriage should analogize it to sodomy, rather than same-sex marriage for two reasons:  (1) the effort to lift sodomy bans has been much more successful than the effort to win legal recognition for same-sex marriages and (2) sodomy and polygamy share in common a history of criminalization which same-sex marriage does not.

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