Introducing Guest Blogger David Fagundes

I’m delighted to introduce Professor David Fagundes who will be guest blogging with us in July.  Professor Fagundes’ research and teaching interests cover a variety of property law issues, including copyright, real property and trademark.  His most recent work examines the extralegal regulation of roller derby pseudonyms in order to investigate how and why some close-knit groups use norms rather than formal law to govern the intangible goods they generate.

His recent publications include:

Talk Derby to Me: Emergent Intellectual Property Norms Governing Roller Derby Pseudonyms, Texas L. Rev. (forthcoming 2011).

Property Rhetoric and the Public Domain, Minnesota L. Rev. (2010).

Crystals in the Public Domain, B.C. L. Rev. (2009).

State Actors as First Amendment Speakers, Northwestern L. Rev. (2006)


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