Harvard Law Review, 124: 8 (2011)

Harvard Law Review

Volume 124 · June 2011 · Number 8



In Memoriam: William J. Stuntz
Pamela S. Karlan, Michael J. Klarman, Martha Minow, Daniel C. Richman, Robert E. Scott, David Skeel, Carol Steiker

The Host’s Dilemma: Strategic Forfeiture in Platform Markets for Informational Goods
Jonathan M. Barnett

Separation of Powers as Ordinary Interpretation
John F. Manning

Interpreting Silence: The Roles of the Courts and the Executive Branch in Head of State Immunity Cases

Advisory Opinions and the Influence of the Supreme Court over American Policymaking

Third Circuit Holds that Police Officer’s Good Faith Reliance on Legal Advice Creates a Presumption of Reasonableness. — Kelly v. Borough of Carlisle, 622 F.3d 248 (3d Cir. 2010).

Second Circuit Holds that Imposing Below-Guidelines Sentence Using Retroactive Guidelines Range Increase Does Not Violate Ex Post Facto Clause. — United States v. Ortiz, 621 F.3d 82 (2d Cir. 2010).

Ninth Circuit Holds that Grand Jury Can Subpoena Protected Foreign Documents. — In re Grand Jury Subpoenas (White & Case LLP), 627 F.3d 1143 (9th Cir. 2010).

Sixth Circuit Holds that Primary and Secondary School Teachers’ Curricular Decisions Are Not Entitled to Free Speech Protection. —Evans-Marshall v. Board of Education, 624 F.3d 332 (6th Cir. 2010).

Sixth Circuit Holds that Federal Judges May Not Consider § 3553(a) Factors in Rule 35(b) Hearings. — United States v. Grant, No. 07-3831, 2011 WL 71475 (6th Cir. Jan. 11, 2011)(en banc).

Dodd-Frank Act Creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. — Dodd-Frank Act, Pub. L. No. 111-203, 124 Stat. 1376 (2010) (to be codified in scattered sections of the U.S. Code).

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