The Six Stages of Scandal

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “problem” on Twitter calls for an encore of this chestnut (that I borrowed from Mickey Kaus):

Stage 1:  That’s ridiculous.  It can’t possibly be true.

Stage 2:  It’s not true.

Stage 3:  You can’t prove it’s true.

Stage 4:  Why are you trying to prove it’s true?

Stage 5:  It’s disgusting that you proved it’s true.

Stage 6:  What’s the big deal anyway?

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1 Response

  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    My wife said the four stages of politicians’ denial:

    1. I didn’t do it.
    2. I didn’t do it, and I’ll never do it again.
    3. I’ll never do it again.
    4. Oops.