Justice Bingham?

One curious letter that I stumbled upon in the Bingham papers was sent to him while he was Ambassador to Japan. Dated March 16, 1877 and sent by S.R. Frazier, the letter states that:

“It has been whispered among some prominent ones at Washington as it comes to me that had you been here at home you would have been quite sure of the place now supposed to be in the hands of Stanley Matthews had you wished it.”

Stanley Matthews was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1881. (So Frazier’s gossip was off by a few years).  I see no other indication that Bingham was ever considered for the Court, but the prospect of his service there while the Fourteenth Amendment was being initially construed is a tantalizing constitutional “what if.”

The picture, BTW, shows you what you can get at the local diner in Cadiz.  I passed on the Bingham — eggs benedict is not my favorite.

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3 Responses

  1. Kent says:

    This link references that “Samuel R. Frazier was married to Lucie Bingham, Sep 7th 1869” don’t know if that is of any consequence but thought it was interesting along with the fact that there is also a reference to a marriage cert. from Belmont County, OH – which I believe is near Cadiz.


  2. Gerard Magliocca says:


    You’re right! Strange–I was thinking that there must be some Washington Frazier, but of course it was his son-in-law. Duh.

  3. Kirt Lashe says:

    If the book is half as exciting as these blog posts, we’ll have insomnia cured!