Introducing Guest Blogger Ari Waldman

I am thrilled to introduce Professor Ari Waldman who will be guest blogging with us this month.  Waldman is a Legal Scholar Teaching Fellow at California Western School of Law in San Diego, California, where he teaches Cyberlaw, Sexual Orientation and the Law and Military Criminal Justice.  His research focuses on free speech, modern technology, the Internet and gay rights.  His current paper considers the interplay between the First Amendment and the power of Internet intermediaries to regulate online harassment. His other papers are available here.  Waldman has received multiple research grants, including from the Palm Center/Williams Institute, to study and write on gay rights issues.

Waldman is also a frequent commentator on local and national media on gay rights and cyberlaw and has been interviewed on CBS, NBC, PBS and other media outlets.  He is a weekly blogger on legal issues facing the gay community at, and has contributed to The Daily Journal and PrawfBlawg.  He has been accepted into the Air Force Reserve JAG Corp and has spoken and written frequently on military criminal justice issues.

Waldman received his A.B., magna cum laude, from Harvard College and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. After law school, he worked at Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson LLP, clerked for Judge Scott Stucky on the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and then joined Winston & Strawn LLP to help build the firm’s appellate practice in New York. His amicus briefs have been quoted in appellate and Supreme Court decisions.

His recent scholarship includes

Hostile Educational Environments, 71 Maryland Law Review (forthcoming).

Tormented: A Critique of the Retributive Criminalization of Bullying, Temple Law Review (forthcoming).

Exceptions: The Criminal Law’s Illogical Approach to HIV-Related Aggravated Assaults, Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law (forthcoming).

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3 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Ari- I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it would be great if you’d make your very interesting looking work available for down-load on SSRN.

  2. Ari Waldman says:

    @matt: thanks. and sorry about that. i’ve actually been trying for some time! there appears to be some sort of glitch. stay tuned.

  3. Matt Lister says:

    Well, I know that problem. (I mean, not this particular one, but similar ones.) I’ll look forward to reading them.