Help Wanted: Editing Contracts Monograph

I’m seeking editorial assistance from a few good Contracts scholars to provide a substantive review of the manuscript for my newest book, provisionally entitled Contracts in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts and Why They Matter (noted here).

The manuscript, now nearly complete to become a 240-page book, has been professionally edited for content and style, is trimmed to scale, and earlier chapter drafts have been read by a half dozen colleagues and several anonymous peer-reviewers. At this near-final stage, I’m looking for overall substantive evaluation, including not only correcting errors and minimizing unnecessary quibbling, but promoting the work’s utility to teachers of contracts and their students.

I would be delighted by anyone volunteering to read a few chapters to provide feedback, but am also prepared to pay a stipend (from my advance) for a more rigorous read of the full manuscript giving specific corrections, observations and suggestions. Any Contracts professor interested in either role, please email me:, letting me know.

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2 Responses

  1. Big H says:

    “. . . promoting the work’s utility to teachers of contracts and their students.”

    Are you inebriated? Which student in their rational mind will read another book on contracts, beyond the assigned casebook? What’s needed is a good treatise on contracts that explains basic contract theory, jurisdictional variations, and unexplainable inferential leaps within various contracts theories and rules and from theories to reality.

    That said, good luck.

  2. Mark S says:

    I don’t know, Big H, it sounds like a pretty great book to me.