Hastings Law Journal, Issue 62.4 (March 2011)

Hastings Law Journal, Volume 62, Issue 4 (March 2011)


Is the Public Utility Holding Company Act a Model for Breaking Up the Banks That Are Too-Big-to-Fail?

Roberta S. Karmel

Righting the Historical Record: A Case for Appellate Jurisdiction over Appeals of Sentences for Reasonableness Under 28 U.S.C. § 1291

Briana Lynn Rosenbaum

The Myth of “Conquered Provinces”: Probing the Extent of the VRA’s Encroachment on State and Local Autonomy

Michael Halberstam


Preserving Dignity in Due Process

Sara Tosdal

Privacy and Security During Life, Access After Death: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Molly Wilkens

Conscionable Judging: A Case Study of California Courts’ Grapple with Challenges to Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

Paul Thomas

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