Blogging Hibernation

I wanted to let readers know that my blogging will be much lighter this summer.  One reason is that I’ll be traveling a fair amount in June (for example, I’ll be at the Law and Society Conference in San Francisco next week).  The other reason is that I have started writing the Bingham book, and I need to concentrate on that for the time being.

Of course, my past attempts at a blogging hiatus were unsuccessful, as something would always come up that I wanted to talk about.  We’ll see how long this one lasts.

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3 Responses

  1. dave hoffman says:

    You can’t quit us!!!

  2. Ken Rhodes says:

    Since your silence will be, not a vow to God, but simply a resource allocation decision, you have certainly earned the right to decide when to break it.

  3. Bill Reynolds says:

    I guess you’ve earned a respite, but I will certainly miss your posts!