William and Mary Law Review, Issue 52:4 (March 2011)



Mitchell N. Berman & Ian P. Farrell, Provocation Manslaughter as Partial Justification and Partial Excuse

Charles R. Korsmo, Mismatch: the Misuse of Market Efficiency in Market Manipulation Class Actions

Steve Thel & Peter Siegelman, You Do Have To Keep Your Promises: A Disgorgement Theory of Contract Remedies

David I. Walker, Suitable for Framing: Business Deductions in a Net Income Tax System


Brandon L. Boxler, What To Do With Daubert: How To Bring Standards of Reliable Scientific Evidence to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Garrett D. Urban, Causing Damage without Authorization: The Limitations of Current Judicial Interpretations of Employee Authorization Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

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