The Tragedy of William Jennings Bryan

I received the first copies of my book last week, and I’m told that people who pre-ordered are getting theirs. ¬†Here is a picture of Bryan’s tombstone that I took in DC a few weeks ago.

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6 Responses

  1. Brian Kalt says:

    If I’m not mistaken, he’s the only unsuccessful candidate for president buried at Arlington National Cemetery (that’s not counting minor party candidates and guys like Taft who won at least once).

  2. Gerard Magliocca says:

    What about RFK and EMK?

  3. Alfred says:

    Many congratulations, Gerard. This is most exciting!

  4. Brian Kalt says:

    RFK and EMK were not nominated. I should have clarified…

  5. Gerard Magliocca says:

    Well, I was being annoying with that one. I think that you are correct.

  6. Brian Kalt says:

    McClellan’s son is buried there. So is Robert Todd Lincoln. Thus both contestants in 1908 (Bryan and Taft) are buried there, and the sons of both contestants in 1864 are buried there.