Thank God For U.C.C. 2-309

After a nuclear war or other apocalyptic change in our social relations, I know the first thing I’d be worried about is what will happen to the default rules of contract.  The bureaucrats who nervously considered such issues in the 1960s weren’t lawyers. But they were deeply concerned about that problem too:

“Businessmen, in particular, but others as well, would experience disturbing and subtle changes in familiar institutions and in such bases of mutual trust as methods of establishing or verifying credit…or estimating delivery dates.”

Fools!  Don’ t they know that 2-309 provides that the time for delivery shall be reasonably set?  Apocalypse or not, so long as we retain but one copy of the U.C.C., we’ll be fine.  (Imagine the irony from the perspective of a suffering law student if that one copy became highly sought after!)

(H/T:  BoingBoing)

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