Lots of Loving

The season of Loving is upon us! Every year in mid-June, families and friends gather to commemorate the landmark decision of Loving v. Virginia. In various locations in the US and internationally, people hold barbecues, invite speakers, hire DJs, and cook a lot of food to “educate the public about the history of interracial relationships.”  These celebrations are fun and educational–like an academic conference with dancing and without the suits.  The biggest event is in New York City on June 12.  More information can be found at the Loving Day website.

Loving is also in the air at the Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary, The Loving Story, will be featured as a meet-the-director event with Nancy Biruski, along with Loving attorney Phil Hirschkop, ALCU Director Anthony Romero, and lawyer David Boies on 4/27.  Information can be found here.

And lastly, my edited collection, Loving in a Post-Racial World: Rethinking Race, Sex, and Marriage, co-edited with Rose Cuison Villazor (Hofstra) is forthcoming in Cambridge University Press later this year.  We have an amazing group of contributors, listed after the jump.

Angela Harris (Berkeley)

Introduction: Lasting Loving in the 21st Century
Kevin Noble Maillard (Syracuse) and Rose Cuison Villazor (Hofstra)

Part One: Explaining Loving v. Virginia

The Legacy of Loving
John DeWitt Gregory (Hofstra) and Joanna L. Grossman (Hofstra)

Part Two: Historical Antecedents to Loving

The “Love” of Loving
Jason A. Gillmer

Loving in Indian Territory:  Tribal Miscegenation Law in Historical Perspective
Carla Pratt (Penn St)

American Mestizo: Filipinos and Antimiscegenation Laws in CaliforniaLeti Volpp

Perez v. Sharpand the Limits of Loving: Race, Marriage, and Citizenship Reconsidered
R.A. Lenhardt (Fordham)

Flying Buttresses
Nancy K. Ota (Albany)

Part Three: Loving and Interracial Relationships: Contemporary Challenges

The Road to Loving: The Legacy of Antimiscegenation Law
Kevin Noble Maillard (Syracuse)

Love at the Margins: The Racialization of Sex and the Sexualization of Race
Dean Camille A. Nelson (Suffolk)

What’s Loving Got to Do With It? Law Shaping Experience and Experience Shaping Law
Renée M. Landers (Suffolk)

Finding a Loving Home
Angela Onwuachi-Willig (Iowa) and Jacob Willig-Onwuachi (Grinnell)

Fear of a “Brown” Planet or A New Hybrid Culture?
Jacquelyn Bridgeman (Wyoming)

Part Four: Considering the Limits of Loving

Black Pluralism in Post-Loving America
Taunya Lovell Banks (Maryland)

Multiracialism and Reparations: Accounting for Political Blackness
Angelique Davis (Seattle)

Crossing Borders: Loving v. Virginia as a Story of Migration
Victor Romero (Penn St)

Loving and Beyond: Marriage, Intimacy and Diverse Relationships

Black vs. Gay: Centering LBGT People Of Color In Civil Marriage Debates
Adele Morrison (Wayne St)

The Crime of Loving: Loving, Lawrence, and Beyond
I. Bennett Capers (Hofstra)

Forty Years After Loving: A Legacy of Unintended Consequences
Dean Rachel F. Moran (UCLA)

The End of Marriage
Tucker Culbertson (Syracuse)


Peter Wallenstein (VCU)

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