Introducing Guest Blogger Kevin Noble Maillard

I am delighted to welcome Professor Kevin Noble Maillard as a guest blogger this month.  Professor Maillard is an Associate Professor of Law at Syracuse University where he teaches Family Law, Trusts & Estates, Children and the Law, and Adoption.  His research focuses on civil liberties within the family and society. His interests include nontraditional families, racial intermixture, and the role of marriage in America.   He is the author of the forthcoming book, Loving v. Virginia in a Post-Racial World (with Rose Villazor, Cambridge 2010).

Professor Maillard received his B.A. in Public Policy from Duke University, his law degree from Penn Law School, and his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan.  Originally from Oklahoma, he is a member of the Seminole Nation, Mekesukey Band.

His recent publications include:

Rethinking Children as Property, 32 Cardozo L. Rev. 225 (2010) 

The Color of Testamentary Freedom, 62 SMU L. Rev. 101 (2009)

The Multiracial Epiphany, 76 Fordham L. Rev. 2709 (2008)

The Anatomy of Grey: A Theory of Interracial Convergence (with Janis McDonald), 26 Law & Inequality 305 (2008)

The Pocahontas Exception: American Indians and Exceptionalism in Antimiscegenation Law, 12 Mich. J. Race & L. 107 (2007)

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