Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:2 (March 2011)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:2 (March 2011)

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Symposium: The Renewable Energy Legislation Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

The Renewable Energy Policy Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together: Symposium Introduction

Jay P. Kesan

Farming an Uncertain Climate Future: What COP 15 Means for Agriculture

Neil D. Hamilton

The Shaky Political Economy Foundation of a National Renewable Electricity Requirement

Jim Rossi

Indirect Land Use Change, Uncertainty, and Biofuels Policy

Daniel A. Farber

On the Inclusion of Indirect Land Use in Biofuel Regulations

David Zilberman, Gal Hochman & Deepak Rajagopal

Understanding U.S. Ethanol Consumption and Its Implications for Policy: A Study of the Impact of State-Level Incentives

Jay P. Kesan & Atsushi Ohyama

New York’s Roadmap for Reducing Greenhouse Gases in the Transportation Sector

James M. Van Nostrand & Anne Marie Hirschberger

Agriculture at a Crossroads: Energy Biomass Standards and a New Sustainability Paradigm?

Jody M. Endres

Land Use and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Effects of Biofuel Policies

Madhu Khanna, Xiaoguang Chen, Haixiao Huang & Hayri Önal

Do Biofuels Life Cycle Analyses Accurately Quantify the Climate Impacts of Biofuels-Related Land Use Change?

Kristina J. Anderson-Teixeira, Peter K. Snyder & Evan H. DeLucia

Geologic Carbon Sequestration: Balancing Efficiency Concerns and Public Interest in Property Rights Allocations

A. Bryan Endres

Innovation Cooperation: Energy Biosciences and Law

Elizabeth Burleson & Winslow Burleson


Stopping the Pendulum: Why Stare Decisis Should Constrain the Court from Further Modification of the Search Incident to Arrest Exception

David L. Berland

The Japanese Quasi-Jury and the American Jury: A Comparative Assessment of Juror Questioning and Sentencing Procedures and Cultural Elements in Lay Judicial Participation

Daniel Senger

The Video Gaming Act: Gambling with Illinois’ Future

E. Tanner Warnick

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