Boston University Law Review, Volume 91: Issue 2 (March 2011)

Volume 91 Number 2 – March 2011


Making the Best of Felony Murder
Guyora Binder
Page 403

The Polling Place Priming (PPP) Effect: Is Voting in Churches (or Anywhere Else) Unconstitutional?
Jeremy A. Blumenthal & Terry L. Turnipseed
Page 561

Equality of Opportunity and the Charitable Tax Subsidies
Miranda Perry Fleischer
Page 601

DNA Theft: Recognizing the Crime of Nonconsensual Genetic Collection and Testing
Elizabeth E. Joh
Page 665

Delaware’s Non-Waivable Duties
Lyman Johnson
Page 701


Judge Thompson and the Appellate Court Confirmation Process
Carl Tobias
Page 727


Legislating Around the Appointments Clause
Matthew Hunter
Page 753

Testing the Testimonial Doctrine: The Impact of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts on State-Level Criminal Prosecutions and Procedure
Valerie J. Silverman
Page 789

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