Hastings Law Journal, Issue 62.2 (December 2010)

Hastings Law Journal, Volume 62, Issue 2 (December 2010)


Statutory Interpretation in the Roberts Court’s First Era: An Empirical and Doctrinal Analysis

Anita S. Krishnakumar

From Arms Race to Marketplace: The Complex Patent Ecosystem and Its Implications for the Patent System

Colleen V. Chien

Stanley in Cyberspace: Why the Privacy Protection of the First Amendment Should Be More Like That of the Fourth

Marc Jonathan Blitz

Restoring Equipoise to Child Welfare

Rebecca Aviel

Reframing Antitrust in Light of Scientific Revolution: Accounting for Transaction Costs in Rule of Reason Analysis

Alan J. Meese


Blowing the Whistle on Van Asdale: Analysis and Recommendations

Christopher Wiener

The Un-Creation of Rights: An Argument Against Administrative Disclaimers

Josephine K. Mason

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