Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 99.2 (January 2011)



How International Financial Law Works (and How It Doesn’t)

Chris Brummer

The Origins of the Privileges or Immunities Clause, Part II: John Bingham and the Second Draft of the Fourteenth Amendment

Kurt T. Lash

In Defense of Bailouts

Adam J. Levitin

Explaining Plurality Decisions

James F. Spriggs II & David R. Stras


The Barracuda Lacuna: Music, Political Campaigns, and the First Amendment

Sarah Schacter

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead: Arguments for a Federal Parent–Child Privilege and a Proposal To Amend Article V

Catherine Chiantella Stern

Masters of Their Own Eminent Domain: The Case for a Reliance Interest Associated with Economic Development Takings

David S. Yellin

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