Boston University Law Review, Issue 91:1 (January 2011)

Volume 91 Number 1 – January 2011


Melville M. Bigelow: Boston University’s Neglected Pioneer of Historical Legal Scholarship in America
David M. Rabban
Page 1

Beyond Individualism in Law and Economics
Robert Ahdieh
Page 43

Litigating Together: Social, Moral, and Legal Obligations
Elizabeth Chamblee Burch
Page 87

Congress’s Inability to Solve Standing Problems
Heather Elliott
Page 159

Structural Obstacles to Settlement of Land Use Disputes
Stewart E. Sterk
Page 227


Toward a Representational Theory of the Executive
Victoria F. Nourse & John P. Figura
Page 273


Regulating Abortion Through Direct Democracy: The Liberty of All Versus the Moral Code of a Majority
Molly E. Carter
Page 305

Regulating Corruption: Analyzing Uncertainty in Current Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement
Lauren Giudice
Page 347


Response to Robert Adhieh’s Beyond Individualism in Law and Economics
Richard R.W. Brooks
Page 379

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Analyzing Legal Problems in an Endogenous World
Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt
Page 385

A Comment on Ahdieh, Beyond Individualism in Law and Economics
Thomas S. Ulen
Page 393

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