Symposium on Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property

I am honored to announce that Concurring Opinions will be hosting an online symposium on Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property this Tuesday to Thursday (Feb. 1 to Feb. 3, 2011). This book, edited by Gaëlle Krikorian and Amy Kapczynski, is available for free download here, and can also be purchased here. Krikorian and Kapczynski will be announcing the contributors on Monday; I’m introducing them today (and will post in the symposium). We look forward to comments from regular readers and the wider blogosphere.

Amy Kapczynski is Assistant Professor of Law at UC Berkeley Law School, and is visiting this year at Yale Law School. Her current research addresses the implications of the propertization of information in global perspective, and the relationship between law and social movements. Her most recent publications are Harmonization and its Discontents: A Case Study of TRIPS Implementation in India’s Pharmaceutical Sector, 97 Cal. L. Rev. 1571 (2009), and the co-edited volume Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property (Zone Press 2010).

Gaëlle Krikorian is a PhD candidate at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Social Issues. Social Sciences, Politics and Health (IRIS) in Paris. She is currently an advisor on Access to Knowledge and Intellectual Property issue for the Greens at the European Parliament. Among her most recent publications are: The politics of patents: conditions of implementation of public health policy in Thailand, in S. Haunss and K. C. Shadlen (éd.), The Politics of Intellectual Property: Contestation over the Ownership, Use, and Control of Knowledge and Information (Edward Elgar, UK), 29-55 (2009); Dispositions ADPIC-plus introduites dans le cadre des négociations internationales, in G. Velasquez & C. M. Correa (éd.), Innovation pharmaceutique et santé publique (L’Harmattan, Paris), 131-143 (2010).

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