My New Position at Hogan Lovells

I’m very pleased to announce that since last week, I am now a senior policy advisor at the law firm of Hogan Lovells.   The position is part-time, and I still remain a full-time law professor.

In particular, I’ll be working as part of the Privacy and Information Management Group, headed by Marcy Wilder and Christopher Wolf.

I decided to take this position because I believe I can help clients, and the work will be fun and rewarding.  The people in the practice group are terrific.  And I hope the work will bring new practical knowledge to my scholarship.  I’ll get to see the front lines of how companies address privacy issues in the global economy.  Increasingly, the disjunction between the approach to privacy law in the United States and in many other countries is presenting a challenge, as commerce and communication are global.  What is particularly special about Hogan Lovells is that the firm is a truly international one, with an extensive practice in Europe and around the world.

I’m really excited about this new position.  I think it will be quite a rewarding experience.

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4 Responses

  1. Dan,

    They’re fortunate to have you aboard.

    Congratulations and the best wishes in your new position.


  2. Sean M. says:

    I summered at Hogan Lovells (when it was Hogan & Hartson) and I had a chance to meet Chris at some events he did. I was impressed by his knowledge of the subject, but, moreso, how he was able to translate it into meaningful strategies for his clients.

    Best wishes! Firm’s lucky to have you on board.

  3. Bruce Boyden says:

    Congratulations Dan, Chris is a great lawyer to work with, and I think I can speak from experience when I say the work will be fascinating.

  4. Doug B. says:

    Your final comment, that this will be a “rewarding experience,” led me to wonder how a gig like this pays. I do not expect you to disclose exact $$ (though I am curious on that front, too), but I am especially interested to know (if you are willing/able to say) whether this is a fixed part-time salary arrangement or an hourly-fee-based-on-time-billed kind of deal.