Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:1 (January 2011)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:1 (January 2011)

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Why New States Accept Old Obligations

Tai-Heng Cheng

Daubert and Forensic Science: The Pitfalls of Law Enforcement Control of Scientific Research

Paul C. Giannelli

Delaware for Small Fry: Jurisdictional Competition for Limited Liability Companies

Bruce H. Kobayashi & Larry E. Ribstein

Foundational Facts and Doctrinal Change

Suzanna Sherry


Of Pleading and Discovery: Reflections on Twombly and Iqbal with Special Reference to Antitrust

Richard A. Epstein

Oddball Iqbal and Twombly and Employment Discrimination

Suja A. Thomas


Designated Beneficiary Agreements: A Step in the Right Direction for Unmarried Couples

Nicole C. Berg

Not What the Doctors Ordered: Nonprofit Hospitals and the New Corporate Governance Requirements of the Form 990

Rummana Alam

The U.S. Real Estate Market on Life Support: Unplugging the RESPA-Rator

Charles S. Yordy III

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