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From Adam Zimmerman‘s excellent article Funding Irrationality:

Second, procrastination results from nonintegrated decisions — rational decisions about costs and benefits in irrationally short periods of time. If a person had to choose to write his paper or watch a YouTube video for five minutes, he will rationally choose YouTube, the more pleasurable activity. After five minutes, he will rationally make the same decision again. And again. When the decision is viewed under a more “integrated” time horizon — four hours of paper writing versus four hours watching YouTube — however, he would rationally choose to write his paper. Because people are susceptible to nonintegrated decisionmaking, even small tastes for immediate gratification, or small costs associated with a task, may cause a naïve person to continuously postpone making decisions.

See Adam S. Zimmerman, Funding Irrationality, 59 Duke L.J. 1105, 1151 (2010).

Explains everything, doesn’t it?

Alright folks, enough blogging, you should really get back to your exam writing (or exam studying, dissertation writing, article drafting, deposition prep, clothes folding). But first, check out this cute video of a cat playing the piano. Awww.

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