Fashion Design Protection

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the “Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prohibition Act,” which provides a limited form of copyright protection to fashion designs.  As I’ve said before and will keep saying until I’m blue in the face, this is a terrible proposal that would basically just line the pockets of a few New York fashion houses.  (That’s why Senator Schumer keeps pushing this idea ever year.)

No matter what you think about the legislation, I would hope that we can all agree that it should not be hustled through Congress during a lame-duck session (probably as an amendment to some sacred cow that would not be vetoed or rejected by the House).  We’ve survived somehow for two centuries without copyright protection for most clothing.  Surely we can manage until next year.

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5 Responses

  1. What is this, the fourth time Schumer has tried to push this through? Completely unenforceable, silly, and destined to flood the courts with cases against foreign knock-off houses which will dissolve and re-incorporate under new names at the speed of cellular division.

  2. Mark McKenna says:

    Especially in a Congress that claims not to have time to deal with the START treaty or repeal of DADT.

  3. Smarika says:

    This sounds ridiculous. The very notion of low copyright over clothes designs is ‘cuz of their utilitarian value, and this move will do nothing but create a cartel of big fashion houses. Here’s an interesting talk illustrating the point,

  4. KB says:

    As a preface to my comment, I know nothing about this aside from your blog post and this news article:

    After reading the news article, I’m really not sure how this is a bad idea. I am really interested in your thoughts. I agree that it should not be pushed through though.

  5. Willton says:

    KB, feel free to read the article linked below. It should prove enlightening.