Boston University Law Review, Issue 90:6 (December 2010)

Volume 90 Number 6 – December 2010


Does Ricci Herald a New Disparate Impact?
Joseph A. Seiner & Benjamin N. Gutman
Page 2181

Is Punishment Relevant After All? A Prescription for Informing Juries of the Consequences of Conviction
Jeffrey Bellin
Page 2223

The Trademark Fair Use Reform Act
William McGeveran
Page 2267

The Supreme Court’s Assault on Litigation: Why (and How) it Might Be Good for Health Law
Abigail R. Moncrieff
Page 2323


Shades of Gray: Applying the Benefit-the-Beneficiaries Rule to Trust Investment Directives
Jeffrey A. Cooper
Page 2383


Federal Regulation of the “Smart Choices Program”: Subjecting Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling Schemes to Concurrent Regulation by the FDA and the FTC
Chelsea M. Childs
Page 2403

Caught in the Crossfire: The Right of Federal Land Residents to a State Education
Daphne Putka
Page 2427

Freedom of Movement at a Standstill? Toward the Establishment of a Fundamental Right to Intrastate Travel
Kathryn E. Wilhelm
Page 2461

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