The Irish Bailout

AP — November 22, 2010

Hundreds of leprechauns gathered in front of the Irish Parliament today to demand a share of the IMF bailout currently being negotiated by the Government. Under a rainbow sky, they told a crowd of supporters that without more pots and gold, they would have to leave the country to seek greener pastures.

“We’re Ireland’s most important cultural export,” said Tip Erary, one of the wee leaders of the protest.  “We make shoes, grant wishes, and appear in a movie with Jennifer Aniston.  Who deserves a rescue package more than us?”

Economists and pundits are divided over the LARP proposal.  Paul Krugman argued on his blog that “Keynes would approve of taking leprechaun gold and burying it to create jobs for treasure hunters.  We really should be nationalizing these monsters, not giving them a handout.” Glenn Beck countered that they are “hoarding the gold that I told you to buy” and called for an investigation into Woodrow Wilson’s policy on leprechauns.  Finally, Larry Kudlow said that only a tax cut would get these folks to shift from shoe production into more productive investment.

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2 Responses

  1. Turmoil says:

    Not funny

  2. Logan says:

    Very funny. I normally need to read The Onion to read a story like this.