Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 99.1 (November 2010)



The Wages of Stealth Overruling (With Particular Attention to Miranda v. Arizona)

Barry Friedman

Litigation Finance: A Market Solution to a Procedural Problem

Jonathan T. Molot

The Indeterminacy of Iqbal

David L. Noll


“Choosing (and Recusing) Our State Court Justices Wisely”: Keynote Remarks by Justice O’Connor

Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor

Remarks by Justice Souter

Honorable David Souter


Showdown in the Rose Garden: Congressional Contempt, Executive Privilege, and the Role of the Courts

Timothy T. Mastrogiacomo

Libel Tourism: Protecting Authors and Preserving Comity

Daniel C. Taylor

Shop ’til You Drop: Implementing Federal Rules of Patent Litigation Procedure To Wear Out Forum Shopping Patent Plaintiffs

Megan Woodhouse

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