Congrats to PA Bar Passers!

Pennsylvania’s Bar results came out last week.  Congratulations to all passers, and especially to my graduating students who are now licensed lawyers.  The statewide pass rate for first-time takers was 84.68 percent.  The rates for the Pennsylvania area law schools were:

Penn                92.86%

Temple            92.34%

Villanova        89.87%

Widener (H)   87.67%

Pitt                  86.93%

Duquesne       86.47%

Penn State      83.64%

Widener (D)   82.61%

Drexel             81.32%

Rutgers (C)    77.85%

Because failing the bar can be economically devastating, bar passage is a very, very important marker of  a law school’s success – certainly more so than SSRN download rankings!!   Being above the state’s average is a big deal, and worth celebrating.  Temple had a problem on this score about a decade ago, and we made serious efforts to help our students be better prepared to enter practice.  I’m glad to see that our efforts are bearing fruit.

Incidentally, the combined rates (July/Feb) are consistent – though Penn falls a bit — and I’ve posted that list after the jump:

Temple            92.05%

Villanova        89.35%

Penn                87.76%

Widener (H)   86.67%

Pitt                  86.50%

Duquesne       86.44%

Drexel             81.05%

Penn State      80.65%

Widener (D)   80.22%

Rutgers (C)    77.14%

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1 Response

  1. HappyValleyLightWeights says:

    Looks as though Penn State has regained its position of having the lowest bar passage rate among the law schools in Pennsylvania.

    It had the next-to-lowest pass rate in 2009, and the lowest in 2008 and 2007. Now it’s dead last once again.