Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:5 (September 2010)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:5 (September 2010)

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Bankruptcy Reorganizations and the Troubling Legacy of Chrysler and GM

Ralph Brubaker & Charles Jordan Tabb

Her Last Words: Dying Declarations and Modern Confrontation Jurisprudence

Aviva Orenstein

Public Interest(s) and Fourth Amendment Enforcement

Alexander A. Reinert

The City as a Law and Economic Subject

David Schleicher


Best Let Sleeping Presumptions Lie: Interpretation of “Center of Main Interest” Under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code and an Appeal for Additional Judicial Complacency

Benjamin J. Christenson

The Confrontation Clause and Pretrial Hearings: A Due Process Solution

Christine Holst

Returning to Reasonableness: The Argument Against Expanding Investigatory Searches and Seizures to Completed Misdemeanors

Daniel S. Lohse

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