When Orin Kerr Is Equivocal About My Arguments, I Get More Inbound Traffic

Orin has a series of posts about explaining why brilliant people happen to agree with him, while people with disagree with him are acting in bad faith. I have noticed this phenomenon myself, but wanted to explore a weird variation of it.  When people like Orin are ambivalent about something I’ve said, I am much more likely to get inbound traffic to Concurring Opinions. When people like Orin agree with me, by contrast, they may link but say what I said better, sucking up eyeballs. People like Orin rarely disagree with me, but when they do, they probably feel pretty bad to be so very wrong.

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2 Responses

  1. Orin Kerr says:

    I’m not sure what to say.


  2. Ken Rhodes says:

    On the website http://www.ClassicsToday.com, Executive Editor Dave Hurwitz begins his article on the Top Ten CD’s of the year with this sentence:

    “As in years past, all of our top ten CDs received a 10/10 rating from both the English and French-language sites (and from anyone else with the taste and discernment to agree with us).”

    Apparently it’s pretty much universal.