Our Book Review Project: Breaking New Ground

Over at The Faculty Lounge, Al Brophy generously blogs about the fact that one of our book reviews recently was quoted in an advertisement in the New York Review of Books.  Al writes:

Reading the ads in NYROB this afternoon I see something I’ve never seen before — a law prof blog cited as the source of a review! . . . .

This is yet another milestone, I think, in the mainstreaming of law prof blogs.  And perhaps an important one, given how much NYROB is the arbiter of elite, academic culture.

Thanks, Al!  The review was by Naomi Cahn of Nancy Levit and Douglas Linder’s The Happy Lawyer.

Our goal is to become a hub for book reviews and legal scholarship, especially as  newspapers are cutting back on their book reviews and book publicity is becoming more difficult.

If you would like to review a book, please send me an email.  If the book is by an academic press, I can arrange for you to receive a free review copy.  I hope to have posts announcing new titles by academic presses soon, but if there’s a new book that you want to review, no need to wait — please contact me.

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