New Titles from Cambridge University Press

Here are some new law titles from Cambridge University Press.  Please let me know if you’re interested in writing a review for Concurring Opinions of one of the books below (or any other recent book by Cambridge or another academic press).  You can email me about the book you’d like to review and a little information about your background.  I can arrange for you to receive a free review copy.

Baby Markets
Money and the New Politics of Creating Families
Edited by Michele Bratcher Goodwin

Beyond Environmental Law: Policy Proposals for a Better Environmental Future
Edited by Alyson C. Flournoy , David M. Driesen

Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Hague Tribunal’s Impact in a Postwar State
Lara J. Nettelfield

Democracy Distorted: Wealth, Influence and Democratic Politics
Jacob Rowbottom

The Fundamental Holmes: A Free Speech Chronicle and Reader – Selections from the Opinions, Books, Articles, Speeches, Letters and Other Writings by and about Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Edited by Ronald K. L. Collins

Fact-Finding Without Facts: The Uncertain Evidentiary Foundations of International Criminal Convictions
Nancy A. Combs

Human Security and Non-Citizens: Law, Policy and International Affairs
Edited by Alice Edwards & Carla Ferstman

Incentives for Global Public Health: Patent Law and Access to Essential Medicines
Edited by Thomas Pogge, Matthew Rimmer, Kim Rubenstein

Migration and Human Rights: The United Nations Convention on Migrant Workers’ Rights
Edited by Ryszard Cholewinski, Paul de Guchteneire, Antoine Pecoud

Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Legal Status of the Secretariats
Bharat H. Desai

Principles of Cybercrime
Jonathan Clough

Rationality and the Genetic Challenge: Making People Better?
Matti Häyry

Religion in Legal Thought and Practice
Howard Lesnick

Speech and Silence in American Law
Edited by Austin Sarat

The Doctrines of US Security Policy: An Evaluation under International Law
Heiko Meiertöns

The Evolving Dimensions of International Law: Hard Choices for the World Community
John F. Murphy

The Global Governance of Knowledge: Patent Offices and their Clients
Peter Drahos

The Limits of Transnational Law: Refugee Law, Policy Harmonization and Judicial Dialogue in the European Union
Edited by Guy S. Goodwin-Gill & Hélène Lambert

Toxic Loopholes: Failures and Future Prospects for Environmental Law
Craig Collins

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