Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:4 (August 2010)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2010:4 (August 2010)

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Unguarded Indians: The Complete Failure of the Post-Oliphant Guardian and the Dual-Edged Nature of Parens Patriae

Gavin Clarkson & David DeKorte

Debt as Venture Capital

Darian M. Ibrahim

Philosophical Foundations of Law and Neuroscience

Michael S. Pardo & Dennis Patterson

David C. Baum Memorial Lecture

Is Carolene Products Obsolete?

David A. Strauss


CPR: How Jacobsen v. Katzer Resuscitated the
Open Source Movement

R. Michael Azzi

From Stalin to Bin Laden: Comparing Yesteryear’s Anti-Communist Statutes with the Public Employer Provision of the Ohio Patriot Act

Gustavo Otalvora

Animal Law Evolution: Treating Pets as Persons in Tort and Custody Disputes

Christopher D. Seps

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1 Response

  1. Edward S says:

    Looks like David Strauss was preempted by Pardo and Patterson in the very same journal issue, which has got to be a first! (That is: title of his piece is mistakenly copied from theirs.)