Until We Meet Again

I want to thank the authors of Concurring Opinions for allowing me to join as a guest blogger for the past month. It has been a wonderful experience. I also want to thank the readers who provided thought-provoking and insightful comments to my posts. I enjoyed our dialogue.

My posts concentrated largely on the economic crisis. Our efforts to address concerns regarding the recent turmoil in domestic and international financial markets and governance systems are crucial to preventing or even weathering future financial instability. There are new opportunities and motivations for inter-agency collaboration in the domestic administrative state and international collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries. As we anticipate the President signing the most sweeping financial reform bill of our time, we should reaffirm our commitment to understanding and investigating the causes of the crisis and embrace opportunities to interpret and apply the legislation in a manner that effectively forecasts or promptly addresses events that have the potential to engender such pervasive social and economic losses in the global community.

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