New Hires

As the end of August approaches, I’ve been thinking about what schools should do to support those who are about to begin their first years as law professors. 

I’m hoping readers will share any useful measures their schools take to help ensure success.  I’m not soliciting ideas about large scale institutional measures such as pre-tenure leave or yearly performance reviews, valuable as these might be.  Instead I’m interested in more discrete steps that schools can take during the first and second years of an academic career to help promote quality scholarship, improve performance in the classroom, and inculcate norms about institutional service.

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1 Response

  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Experienced teachers should give their accumulated class notes to new teachers of the same subject. Paul Shupack (Cardozo Law School) gave me his Contracts notes when I began teaching 17 years ago. That not only enhanced early teaching effectiveness, it helped launch two successful articles and keeps paying off nearly two decades later, in teaching, scholarship and my sense of institutional service.