A Troll, Not an Ent

I read the other day that NTP, which won a $612.5 million settlement from Research in Motion a few years ago, has now sued Apple and several other smartphone makers on a similar patent infringement theory.  These defendants may decide to settle as well, but I hope that they don’t.  NTP is the poster child for opportunistic patent litigation, and it’s about time that somebody stands up and exposes the firm for the troll that it is.  (Granted, it’s not my money at stake, but I can still exhort from the sidelines.)  For my own take on the troll issue, which still holds up pretty well three years later, look here.

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1 Response

  1. Christa L. says:

    Unfortunately, the best business decision is probably to settle. And this will keep happening in such lawsuits until we start awarding attorney’s fees more often.