University of Toronto Law Journal, Volume 60, Number 2 (2010)

University of Toronto Law Journal

University of Toronto Law Journal, Volume 60, Number 2 (2010)

Law, Economics, and Public Policy: Essays in Honour of Michael Trebilcock

Editors’ Note
Anita Anand, Anthony Duggan, Colleen Flood and Edward Iacobucci

Michael Trebilcock And The Past And Future Of Law And Economics
George L. Priest

Law And Economics In The Legal Academy, Or, What I Should Have Said To Discipulus
Anthony Ogus

Preference, Pluralism, And Proportionality
Bruce Chapman

The French Response To The World Bank’s Doing Business Reports
Catherine Valcke

Abuse Of Joint Dominance In Canadian Competition Policy
Edward M. Iacobucci, Ralph A. Winter

Regional Competition Law Agreements: An Important Step For Antitrust Enforcement
Michal S. Gal

Bilateralism Versus Multilateralism In International Economic Law: Applying The Principle Of Subsidiarity
Arie Reich

Beyond The Countertrade Taboo: Why The WTO Should Take Another Look At Barter And Countertrade
Robert Howse

Freeing Migration From The State: Michael Trebilcock On Migration Policy
Audrey Macklin

Ideas, Interests, And Institutions: Conceding Citizenship In Bangladesh
Ninette Kelley

Access To Justice And Beyond
Kent Roach, Lorne Sossin

The Evidentiary Burden For Overturning Government’s Choice Of Regulatory Instrument: The Case Of Direct-To-Consumer Advertising Of Prescription Drugs
Colleen M. Flood

Reinventing The Night-Watchman State?
Malcolm Thorburn

Person, Place, Or Thing? Property And The Structuring Of Social Relations
Lisa M. Austin

Academic Scribblers And Defunct Economists
Robert Cooter, Hans Bernd Schaefer

The Persistent Dilemmas Of Development: The Next Fifty Years
Lindsey Carson, Ronald J. Daniels

Trebilcock’s Heresy
Owen Fiss

Regulation And Public Law In Comparative Perspective
Susan Rose-Ackerman

Legal Universalism: Persistent Objections
Kevin E. Davis

The Paradox Of Rule Of Law Reforms: How Early Reforms Can Create Obstacles To Future Ones
Mariana Mota Prado

Giving Voice To Reality: Michael Trebilcock And Pension Governance Issues
Ronald B. Davis, Janis P. Sarra

Ideas, Interests, Institutions And The History Of Canadian Bankruptcy Law, 1867–1880
Thomas G.W. Telfer

Trebilcock On Tax Avoidance
Benjamin Alarie

The Evolution Of Contract Remedies (And Why Do Contracts Professors Teach Remedies First?)
George Triantis

Why Is This Taking So Long? The Move Toward A National Securities Regulator
Anita I. Anand, Andrew J. Green

Consumer Credit Redux
Anthony Duggan

‘To Heap Distress Upon Distress?’ Comparative Reflections On Interest-Rate Ceilings
Iain Ramsay

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