Final Supreme Court Opinions on Monday

The Court just announced that Monday will be the last day for opinions.  That means that Bilski and McDonald will come down then, and I plan on doing several posts commenting on those decisions during the day.

UPDATE:  Several people have pointed out that Justice Alito is the only one without an opinion from the March sitting, which means he probably has McDonald.  Justice Stevens is the only one without an opinion from the November sitting, which means he probably has Bilski.

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2 Responses

  1. C.T. says:

    What do you think the likelihood is of the Court holding Bilski over until the next term? I can imagine scenarios in which a block of the Court might think that a better outcome could result without Justice Stevens’ vote. I worry that the length of time the Court has spent pondering this case suggests that no consensus has formed. Patent attorneys may end up throwing themselves out of windows if we end up with a series of plurality opinions. Perhaps recognizing this, some of the justices may want to wait until next term to rule on Bilski.

  2. Howard Wasserman says:

    And Ginsburg probably has Christian Legal Society.