Don’t Know Much About the Supreme Court

A new FindLaw poll reveals that two-thirds of Americans can’t name a single U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  And only 1% can name all of the justices.

Hat tip: Chronicles of Dissent

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3 Responses

  1. Robert Ahdieh says:

    When I read this a few days ago, I derisively mentioned it to a group of friends that I’d count as fairly worldly, well-educated, etc., and all of them fit into the two-thirds category. (Though one mentioned the “Wise Latina” and another the “crazy conservative black guy”.) It left me with a sense that the demographics of the two-thirds might well look different than I had initially presumed…

  2. Logan Roise says:

    What that poll doesn’t tell you, however, is that 90% of the population can name all the characters in Grey’s Anatomy. Surely that has to be a question on the citizenship test.

  3. anon says:

    I don’t think that knowing the names of individual justices is terribly valuable for laymen. I don’t much care whether the public knows justices’ names, i just care whether the public knows most important recent decisions — without naming cases, just the substance of key rulings. I suspect the knowledge of the latter would be in single digits as well, and that’s the real problem.