To Delete or Not to Delete . . . or Try to Delete and Fail

Michael Zimmer has a great post about the ease of deleting one’s accounts with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others.  The result:

In the end, closing accounts on Facebook and MSN was very difficult, while it was a very easy on Twitter & MySpace. Amazon, Yahoo, and Google all fell in the middle.

Check out the details about how at Zimmer’s post.

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2 Responses

  1. The real problem is with sites like Paypal, where it’s nominally easy to delete your account, but ‘deleting’ your account doesn’t actually result in the information associated with the account being deleted by the company. A real bear if you’re deleting your account because of concerns about a privacy policy.

  2. Brett – you’re right, and that’s my next mini-project: trying to determine what the companies do with your data upon account deletion. Few make that explicit in their privacy policy or TOS.