Introducing Guest Blogger Corey Rayburn Yung

yung-corey.jpgI’m delighted to introduce Professor Corey Rayburn Yung who will be joining us for a  reprise guest visit.

Corey is an associate professor of law at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. He joined the faculty there in 2007 and teaches Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Federal Courts, and a Sex Crimes Seminar. His scholarship is focused on sex crimes and judicial decision-making. His work related to sex offenders has been cited by federal courts and, in particular, the United States Supreme Court majority opinion in Kennedy v. Louisiana. Corey is also the author of the Sex Crimes Blog. In regards to judicial decision-making, he is currently in the midst of a series of empirical studies of judges on the United States Courts of Appeals based upon a unique dataset that he has constructed.

His recent publications include:

* Flexing Judicial Muscle: An Empirical Study of Judicial Activism in the Federal Courts, 105 Northwestern University Law Review (forthcoming 2011)

* Judged by the Company You Keep: An Empirical Study of the Ideologies of Judges on the United States Courts of Appeals, 51 Boston College Law Review (forthcoming 2010)

* The Emerging Criminal War on Sex Offenders, 45 Harvard Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review (forthcoming 2010)

* One of These Laws is Not Like the Others: Why the Federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act Raises New Constitutional Questions, 46 Harvard Journal on Legislation 369 (2009)

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