Iowa Law Review, Volume 95, Issue 3 (March 2010)

Iowa Law Review


Peacemaking in the Culture War Between Gay Rights and Religious Liberty
Jennifer Gerarda Brown

Inventing Tests, Destabilizing Systems
Kevin M. Clermont & Stephen C. Yeazell

The Law of Vertical Integration and the Business Firm: 1880–1960
Herbert Hovenkamp

“We, the Paparazzi”: Developing a Privacy Paradigm for Digital Video
Jacqueline D. Lipton


A Duty to Kiss and Tell? Examining the Uncomfortable Relationship Between Negligence and the Transmission of HPV
Timothy J. Hasken

Issuing Violations Without Tangible Evidence: Computer Modeling for Clean Water Act Enforcement
Sara R. Reichenauer

Drawing the Line: Niswander’s Balance Between Employer Confidentiality Interests and Employee Title VII Anti-Retaliation Rights
Nicholas M. Strohmayer

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