Iowa Law Review, Volume 95, Issue 2 (February 2010)

Iowa Law Review


W(h)ither Economic Substance?
Leandra Lederman

Executive Detention, Boumediene, and the New Common Law of Habeas
Baher Azmy

Where United Haulers Might Take Us: The Future of the State-Self-Promotion Exception to the Dormant Commerce Clause Rule
Dan T. Coenen

Property, Privacy, and the Pursuit of Interconnected Electronic Medical Records
Mark A. Hall


Cultural Pragmatism: A New Approach to the International Movement of Antiquities
Matthew R. Hoffman

The Judge’s Order and the Rising Phoenix: The Role Public Interests Should Play in Limiting Author Copyrights in Derivative-Work Markets
Christine M. Huggins

Unreasonable Delay at the VA: Why Federal District Courts Should Intervene and Remedy Five-Year Delays in Veterans’ Mental-Health Benefits Appeals
Jacob B. Natwick

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