Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 98.4 (April 2010)



Coasean Blind Spots: Charting the Incomplete Institutionalism

Gregg P. Macey


Post-racialism in the Inner City: Structure and Culture in Lawyering

Anthony V. Alfieri

A Post-race Equal Protection?

Mario L. Barnes, Erwin Chemerinsky, Trina Jones

How Racial Profiling in America Became the Law of the Land: United States v. Brignoni-Ponce and Whren v. United States and the Need for Truly Rebellious Lawyering

Kevin R. Johnson

Another Hair Piece: Exploring New Strands of Analysis Under Title VII

Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Disparate Impact

Girardeau A. Spann


Reinterpreting Raines: Legislator Standing To Enforce Congressional Subpoenas

Una Lee

Free at What Cost?: Cloud Computing Privacy Under the Stored Communications Act

William Jeremy Robison

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