Fred Yen Continuing as Guest

We are delighted that our esteemed guest blogger, Professor Alfred Yen (Boston College), with us this past month (and before), will stay another one.  (You can see my post introducing Fred, my former colleague, here.)

In March, Fred contributed an amazingly insightful, thoughtful, reflective, and useful series of seven posts called Thoughts on Choosing a Law School.   The 7-part series broke down as follows: (1) limited utility of popular rankings; (2) curriculum;  (3) faculty staffing of instruction; (4) subject matter distinction; (5) faculty strength; (6) physical facilities; and (7) faculty publishing record.

These were formally directed to students considering which law school’s admissions offer to accept; and they also mean a great deal to we suppliers of legal education.   We’re grateful for these contributions.  And we’re delighted Fred will be back to contribute more wisdom, on these and the many other subjects within his capacious expertise.

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